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The Nationalism.org is the internet's leading resource for the study of Russian nationalism. It is produced by a group of specialists from academy and publicism, and is edited in consultation with a committee of experts in the field.

The site contains an extensive collection of materials related to the study of Russian nationalism including: essays, articles, books, book abstracts and reviews, bibliographies, and links to nationalism-related resources. Comments, suggestions, and contributions are welcome. Send proposals or comments to les@rbcmail.ru.

Most of the material is in Russian.

Please note that no political agenda is being advocated by this site. It is intended as a resource for study, not as an argument for or against any nationalist group or ideological affiliation. While scholarly submissions are welcome, contributions containing any clearly ideological political bias will not be accepted.

Materials in English:

Seymour Becker Russia and the concept of empire NEW

David Brandenberger From proletarian internationalism to populist russocentrism: Thinking about ideology in the 1930s as more than just a "Great Retreat"
PDF (206K)

David Darrow From commune to household: Statistics and the social construction of Chaianov's theory of peasant economy
PDF (94K)

Jodi Dean Theorizing Conspiracy Theory

Charles Paul Freund "Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes from" by Daniel Pipes

Grigorii V. Golosov Party support or personal resources? Factors of success in the plurality portion of the 1999 national legislative elections in Russia
PDF (82K)

Yoshiko Herrera Imagined economies
PDF (47K)

Richard Hofstadter The Paranoid Style in American Politics

James Hughes and Peter John Local elites and transition in Russia: Adaptation or competition?
PDF (179K)

Dan N. Jacobs Imagining Russia - as Russia?
PDF (18K)

D. Roderick Kiewiet, Mikhail G. Myagkov Are the communists dying out in Russia?
PDF (66K)

Taras Kuzio "Nationalising states" or national-building? a critical review of the theoretical literature and empirical evidence
PDF (272K)

Anatol Lieven The Leopards guide to understanding Russia: The transition to democracy and the free market in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
PDF (46K)

John Lukacs The universality of National Socialism (The mistaken category of 'Fascism')
PDF (1.44M)

Christopher D. Merrett Understanding local responses to globalisation: The production of geographical scale and political identity
PDF (196K)

Nenad Miscevic Nationalism and Beyond: Introducing Moral Debate about Values

Margaret Moore Normative justifications for liberal nationalism: Justice, democracy and national identity
PDF (273K)

Henry R. Nau Why The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers was wrong
PDF (88K)

Iver B. Neumann Russia and the Idea of Europe: A Study in Identity and International Relations

A. Pickel Transformation theory: Scientific or political?
PDF (52K)

Interview: Author Daniel Pipes on his new book, Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes from, and his life

Ilya Prizel Populism as a political force in Post Communist Russia and Ukraine
PDF (54K)

Christian Reus-Smit Human rights and the social construction of sovereignty
PDF (116K)

Martin Shaw The unfinished global revolution: intellectuals and the new politics of international relations
PDF (128K)

Jack Snyder and Karen Ballentine Nationalism and the marketplace of ideas

Laird Wilcox on Extremist Traits



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